Question & Answer With Gray


Hi there.  My name is Gray and I am the kid host and co-creator of Wondermint Kids.  I get asked a lot of questions about Wondermint Kids, so I thought I would answer some of them here.

Question: How old are you?

Gray: I turned 8 yrs old in May 2013.

Question: Why did you start Wondermint Kids?

Gray: I am lucky because my family and friends are SUPER creative. I wanted to share the fun things we do and the amazing places we visit with other kids so that they can enjoy them, too.  Wondermint Kids helps us do that.

Question: Don’t you get nervous making the videos?

Gray: Yes!  In real life, I’m a bit shy.  When we shoot videos, I try not to be nervous by concentrating on what I am doing and not on how nervous I am.   After awhile the nervousness goes away and I have a blast.

Question: Why did you decide to have blog posts in English, Spanish & Chinese?

Gray: We want people all over the world to enjoy Wondermint Kids.  Also, my family is multi-cultural.  I am an American, but I am also ¼ Chinese, ¼ Mexican (w/ some French & Native American ancestors) & ½ Irish.

Question: How do you come up with ideas for Wondermint Kids?

Gray: We share original  ideas from playdates that I have had with my friends.  Other times, we get inspired by books and different bloggers and websites.  Some of our favorites are Daily Candy Kids, Design Love Fest, Oh, Happy Day,  Martha Stewart, Joy The Baker, Weelicious, Brit & Co, and Oh, Joy.

Question: Does someone tell you what to say?  Who writes the scripts?

Gray: My parents and I have production meetings in our living room once a week & we think about what project we will video and what supplies we will need.  I write the scripts (sometimes with my friends), fun titles & taglines and the introductions for our blog in my lucky lavender notebook. My mom writes out the printable recipes and instructions.

Question: What else do you like to do in your spare time?

Gray: I love helping my mom cook or editing her writing, making imovies & JibJab movies with my father, and I love art.  I also like learning about history, reading, & dancing, especially ballet.

Question: Will your dog, Baxter, be in more episodes?

Gray: Maybe. It depends on what we are making. On his birthday, we might bake a very special treat for him! Baxter is a rescue dog so we do not really know his real birth date.  But a vet helped us figure out that he was probably born in November of 2011.

Question: What are some of the coolest places you’ve visited?

Gray: I think the coolest places I have traveled to are Alaska & Paris. I also love going to San Diego & South or North Carolina to see family.

Question: What are your favorite books?

Gray: Before I was five, I liked picture books like… Knuffle Bunny, Shrinking Sam, Keba-Keba, Iggy Peck Architect & The Dunderheads. Now that I’m older, I love chapter books like… Matilda, Mckenna, Fantastic Mr. Fox, Princess Diaries, and A Little Princess.

Question: Can I share an idea or give feedback?

Gray: Sure!!!  Soon, you can submit a book review or travel journal, comments, and questions.  Just email me at hello[at]WondermintKids[dot}com.

Still want to know more?  Leave a question in the comment section below or read a Q & A with my parents or our ABOUT page.