I love when kids (or moms, dads, or teachers) send in questions.Here are some we recently received.Feel free to send me a question any time you feel like it. Hope you have a great day.
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How long does it take you to write a post?
(Sarah, age 9, Dallas, Texas)It depends. I usually take about 10-15 minutes, but when I am writing a travel article it takes around 1 hour or so because I do a lot of research!  I write the posts from home or a coffee shop near our house (see photo), then one of my parents adds any directions and edits and types them into the computer for me.  Unless it’s summer break and I have more time to do more of that myself.


What’s been your favorite Wondermint episode to shoot or write about?  And, can you tell me why?
(Derrick, age 7, Santa Cruz)I love so many of the episodes but I really enjoy writing and creating the travel ones the most.  That’s probably because I like researching (I always include fun facts about the places I visited) and I’ve always loved to travel.  Click on the photo to the left to see a post and video of my visit to the Leo Carrillo Peacock Ranch in Carlsbad, California.


One of my favorite craft episodes is the ‘Tea Cup Makeover’.  It was fun and easy to design, and it makes a great Mother’s Day or Father’s Day gift.  Click on the photo to the left to see the post and video for this cool project. And, don’t forget to send us pics of anything you do! You can email us at WondermintStudio@gmail.com


There are so many great recipes we’ve made it is hard to choose one. One of my favorite cooking episodes is one I did with my friend, Parker, called ‘How To Make Your Own Pizza Bar’.  It’s a great cooking idea for when a friend visits or you are throwing a party. It’s also very easy to make your pizzas gluten-free or vegetarian if you want.


My favorite food episode for non-humans is ‘How To Make Homemade Dog Biscuits’.  My dog, Baxter, loves them – they’re healthy and tasty (at least that’s what Baxter says!). To see the post, get the recipe and see the video (it was one of my first) just click on Baxter’s cute face.


Do your friends help write or film episodes that they are in?
(Ella, 11, Santa Monica)

Yes, they do.  My friend Kiera, 8, co-directed the ‘How To Make A Holiday Wreath’ episode and the ‘Fruit Kabobs’ episode. She’s a great director – maybe even better than my father! Just click on the photo to the left to see what I mean. Some of my friends like to write, so they will help create the script if they are going to be on an episode.


What place will the next travel articles be about?
(Barbara, 10, Florida)

I recently visited Colorado, so you will see that episode soon. Friends of mine (Jack & Clarissa) visited the Grand Canyon, so you will see a post about that very soon, too. And, I’m super excited to learn about my friends’ travel to India for a traditional Indian wedding. I’m a little behind with interviewing friends because I’ve been super busy with school projects! In September I may be going back to France and will shoot a video this time. You can see my last written post about Paris by clicking on the photo to the left.


 I really like the post on ‘Sandwich Bag Art’.  I made a few of my own bags. Would you like to see them?
(Tom, age 9, Phoenix, AZ)

Of course!  Email us a photo at WondermintStudio@gmail.com and we will consider posting it on our facebook page or sharing it in a newsletter.  Just make sure to provide us your first name, the city you live in, and your grade in school.If you missed this post, check it out by clicking on the photo on the left.

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