This wreath looks great over a fireplace.

This wreath looks great over a fireplace.

Level: Medium
Materials: paper straws, glue or modge podge, scissors, round frame or cardboard wreath frames

Hi! Today on Wondermint we are making holiday wreaths. These make great decorations for a door or on a wall. And, if you want you can also use this idea to decorate small photo frames or mirrors. In the photo above I glued paper straws to a cardboard wreath frame from Paper Source. On the HOW-TO VIDEO I glue paper straws onto a small round wood frame that I found at Target. Below, are the directions on how to make that type of paper wreath. 



Cut straws in half and in thirds. (If you are making a bigger wreath, cut the straws in different lengths but make sure each piece will still cover the wreath frame) You’ll probably need a box or two depending on the size of your frame.


Take glue that dries clear (like Modge Podge) and use a paint brush to apply glue to a segment of your frame. (Do not apply glue to the whole frame or it might dry before you can get all your straws in place). Glue cut straws onto the frame where you placed the glue. Hold them down for five seconds before moving to the next straw. It looks nice when you make a pattern. For example, two long straws, two short straws, two long straws, etc. Tip: line the edge of the straw up with the inside curve of the frame or cardboard so that the straws fan out in a circle. You can always fill blank spaces with smaller cut straw pieces if you want.


Brush or drizzle lots of glue on top of all the straws once you have filled your frame. This extra glue will help keep the straws in place better and, here comes the fun part, you can now add GLITTER by sprinkling it right onto the extra glue.

Let frame dry until all glue is clear. You can hang onto a nail on your door or wall or you can tie a ribbon around your frame at the top and use that to hang it in your house. These also make great gifts!

Make sure to check out the HOW TO VIDEfor this post. My friend, Kiera (a third grader), co-directed it!

RESOURCES: Red Spritz Paper StrawsWhite & Birch Paper Straws; Modge Podge; Round frame from Target; Persimmon ribbon & cardboard wreath frame for white wreath from Paper Source.


Special thanks to Victoria Flower Photography for the photo of the white wreath.  Thank you to my friend, third grader, Kiera A., for co-directing the video episode!