My family and I love the concept of making something from nothing. Or, taking something ordinary and making it extraordinary. Earth Day is coming up and that is always a great time to be reminded of all the great things you can make to honor nature or recycle something around the house and transform it into art.

I really want to make this DIY Terrarium project with friends. You can use dinosaur figurines, or horses or fairy figurines to change the look and theme.

This DIY DINO TERRARIUM project idea was created by husband and wife duo, Kim & Scott of the blog YELLOW BRICK HOME. By the way, the Dinosaurs names are Leonard & Mabel in case you were wondering.


And, my mom really wants to make one of these corkboards on the back of one of our doors, using recycled corks we’ve collected for three years!


To make this corkboard. Have a parent help you with a hot glue gun. Glue corks onto particle board or other thin wood, one horizontal row across at a time. Your board will look a lot better if you make sure the corks in each row across are the same height and thickness. Lean board against a wall or buy frame hangers at Target or Michaels to hang frame with wire.

We found this diy corkboard project on the blog THE 3 R’S. The R’s stand for Reduce. Reuse. Redecorate. Check it out for more fun redecorating projects based on recycling.

Did you know we are on Pinterest? Pinterest is a website where moms and dads collect ideas and photos on boards. Kind of like a corkboard, except it is all online. My mom and I collect our favorite crafts, foods, and other cool kid projects on our Wondermint Kids Pinterest Page. Just click on the photo below to get to our Recycle/Upcycle Board which has a few projects that might inspire you to be creative.

A peek at one of our Pinterest Boards

A peek at one of our Pinterest Boards