Challenge Level: Easy
Did you know that smart phone boxes can waste up to 1 billion square feet of landfill (landfill is a section of earth that has been reserved for trash) every year? But they don’t have to. If everyone reused their boxes, they could help avoid taking up landfill and reduce waste. Here’s how I reused a few iPhone boxes I collected from family and friends.  When I take something ordinary and recycle it into something cooler, I call it “upcycling”.  Make sure you check out my how-to video, too. And, please share this post or video to encourage others to reuse boxes and packaging.

This is all you need

This is all you need

To design the iphone 5c case below, I used washi tape on the outside and stuffed some recycled Japanese paper scraps into the box. This project took less then three minutes and I love using it for my erasers and mini pencils. It’s also great to carry jewelry in when traveling.


To makeover the iphone 6 box below, I used leftover Japanese paper my mom had from another project. I simply Modge-Podged the paper straight onto the box. Make sure you modge-podge or glue carefully around the corners and press down so the paper does not puck; otherwise it makes it hard to close and open the box. I used this box to put a x-mas gift in for my ama (that’s the Chinese word for grandma) instead of using wrapping paper. She kept the box to reuse, too!


The box with the cool silver polka dots in the photo below was made with a super wide new kind of washi tape I found. Super easy!


Thanks for reading this post. Would love to hear about any recycle, reuse or upcycle projects you have done.


Don’t know what Modge-Podge or Washi Tape is? Then you might want to check out the Arts & Crafts Glossary & Resource Guide we created.

RESOURCES: iPhone c, 4 & 6 boxes, gold washi tape from Michaels, large silver washi tape from Joann’s Craft (in store), Blue & gold paper from Paper SourceModge Podge and red ribbon from Target.