Vegetarian, Vegan, Gluten-free, Raw

Vegetarian, Vegan, Gluten-free, Raw

Are you tired of eating regular fried spring rolls? Do you think it’s a little bit of a bummer that you have to cook the rolls in hot oil and only adults can do that? Well, now it’s time to learn how to make Raw Vietnamese Spring Rolls, which you can make without actually cooking or frying! (Don’t worry, they taste as good as the fried ones!) Today, I am teaching my friend Candice, who is twenty-something, how to make these yummy rolls. You can make these vegetarian style or you can see in our HOW TO VIDEO that we made them with lots of veggies then added some shrimp that my mom stir-fried with ginger and a little oil.

Usually my mom writes out the recipes for Wondermint, but I did this one because I also made these for a class assignment.

Materials: You’ll need lots of veggies and some herbs like mint and basil or cilantro (great brain food!) sliced really thin, Vietnamese Rice Paper wrappers, a bowl of warm water to dip them in. See the photo below for some of the yummy ingredients.

fresh vegetables, herbs and rice paper

fresh vegetables, herbs and rice paper

Here is what they looked like when Candice and I finished. Keep scrolling down to see the steps to the recipe and be sure to check out the VIDEO RECIPE (just click on the word video) to see exactly how we made these.

This is what they will look like!

This is what they will look like!


Rating: 5

Great recipe to make with kids and the whole family. Super healthy. Parent To Parent Tip: Older kids can use a plastic knife or grater to cut most veggies. Caution if using a mandolin, parent should do this part or heavily supervise and only use one with a safety guard.


  • Lots of your favorite veggies like:

  • carrots

  • cucumber

  • spinach

  • basil, mint or cilantro

  • raw yam noodles or mung bean noodles

  • rice paper wrappers

  • bowl of warm water


  1. Wash your veggies and herbs. (You don't want any bugs on your food,do you?)

  2. Ask an adult to slice your veggies with a knife, or use a cheese grater or mandolin (must be supervised by an adult)

  3. If you want to add shrimp, politely ask an adult to start frying some shrimp. p.s. You don't have to put shrimp in, especially if you're a vegetarian.

  4. Fill a bowl with warm water. Feel the water to test it. You don't want it to be Antarctica cold or desert hot!

  5. Here's where the fun starts! Take your rice paper, and dip it into the bowl of warm water. I recommend dipping each side in for 5 (five) seconds. Are your hands wet? Does it feel good? Or is it a little icky? Now, are you getting hungry? Well, it's time to decide what foods to put inside your wet...(and raw) roll. (Don't eat anything yet!)

  6. Start folding/rolling your spring roll. This is how you do it:

  7. First, bring one side to the middle. Then, rotate the roll, and, with the other side, start rolling it like a burrito. See our HOW TO VIDEO if you need more help.

  8. I think you know what this step is... don't you? Mmmm... Mmmmm..!

  9. You're done! You tried something new and healthy! I hope you enjoy and...Congrats!


Rice Paper & Yam noodles can be found at your local Asian market and some Ralphs, Whole Foods and other local grocery stores.

Be sure to watch our HOW TO VIDEO at

Resources: Read more about Vietnamese Rice Papers and Spring rolls in our COOKING GUIDE FOR KIDS.